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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Silat Olahraga

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The Silat Olahraga
Silat Olahraga

Silat is a term used to describe the martial arts forms practiced throughout the Malay Archipelago. Silat is a collective word for native’s martial arts that originates from Indonesia. It is traditionally practiced in Southern Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines and also Malaysia. Silat is a combative art of Malay fighting arts. Silat can be divided into two categories which are Silat Seni and Silat Olahraga.

Since the beginning of the 18th century till today, many silat practitioners still involve themselves in the kickboxing or Muay Thai competition because the movements and principles are quite similar to silat.

On the 23rd to 24th of September 1979, when the 14th SEA Games were held, Indonesian Pencak Silat Federation (IPSI) introduced Olahraga Pencak Silat (commonly known as Silat Olahraga). The rules of this competition have already been organized in the year 1973. In order to strengthen and enrich it, more pencak silat techniques are added based on karate, kempo and jujitsu moves for perfection.
By 1980, silat has taken part in the first Olahraga Pencak Silat competition which was held in Singapore. In 1982, the Pencak Silat competition introduced two new competitions which are Silat Seni and Silat Olahraga. Later, the Pencak Silat competition organizer changed the terms for the categories into Tunggal, Ganda, Regu and Tanding (Olahraga Pencak Silat/ Silat Olahraga). In order to standardize for the athletes and simplify the ways of evaluation, the Tunggal (solo), Ganda (double) and Regu (triple)
categories were standardized. The methods and markings of Tanding went back to the pencak silat technique.

silat olahraga technique
Silat olahraga technique

The uniqueness of Silat Olahraga is the rule. In the rule, there are exist of basic commands, time for each match, target area to attack the opponent, and the scoring point for each of the area that attacked.

For the basic commands, the ‘wasit’ which is referee will issue the command 'Sedia', meaning 'ready'. Then, he will shout 'Mulai', meaning 'begin'. Immediately the 'gong' will be struck. When the wasit wants to stop the fight, he will shout 'Berhenti', meaning 'stop'.

Every time the fighters step out of the ring, the wasit will stop the fight and bring the fighters back to the center. If a fighter repeatedly steps outside the ring, especially if he's stepping backwards, the wasit may issue him a penalty point. If he continues to do that he may be given 2 penalty points. If after that he still continues to step out of the ring, the wasit may even decide to end the fight and proclaim his opponent the winner. There are three rounds of fighting; 2 minutes for every round, with 1 minute rest between each round.

Scoring System

In silat fighting the fighters are allowed to attack any parts of the body except for the groin and the neck above. However, one only score points if one hits the body padding or the opponent's back. A kick will score 2 points, while a punch will score 1 point, much like TKD scoring system. A takedown will earn 3 points. No elbowing or knee strikes are allowed.

According to silat ruling, a takedown is when the opponent kicks or punches, the exponent grabs any parts of the limbs (usually the kicking leg), and cause the opponent to fall. If the opponent falls without the exponent losing his balance and falling on top of him, he will get 3 points. If the opponent pulls him down during the technique, the exponent may roll forward, thus avoiding falling on top of his opponent.He will still get the 3 points.

So to surmise, the fighters can obtain points by:

punching, receiving 1 point,
kicking, receiving 2 points,
and takedowns, receiving 3 points.

If an opponent attacks and the exponent can block or deflect the attack, and counterattacks, say with a kick, he will get 1+2=3 points. The same goes with punches (1+1=2) and takedowns (1+3=4).
If a fighter can apply punches, kicks, and takedowns in one round, the jurors will add another 1+2+3=6 bonus points to his score for that round. This rule is to encourage the fighters to have more variety in techniques.

Silat Olahraga is a unique sport that we can learn. The uniqueness of Silat Olahraga as I have described are the rule, dressing up, and it can form self defense. So, if you interesting with Silat Olahraga, it is not too late to join it. I will sure you all will never regret to join the silat.


  1. Is it against the rule for the player to wear glasses during the match?

  2. Is it against the rule for the player to wear glasses during the match?

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